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The staff of Profitrade LLC is a team of determined and intelligent professionals. In working with regular partners, they confirmed not only their high level of knowledge, but also a thoughtful, rational and judicious approach to business. Although, to be honest, I prefer their humane and emotional approach to the tasks.

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Анна Профитрейд

Every craft has its secrets

After graduating in 1999 from the Technological University (Siberian State Technical University, Krasnoyarsk), where all subjects were taught thoroughly and capaciously, I still understood that it would not be easy for a woman to find a job in her major, so I additionally studied financial and accounting metier. And I boldly stepped into the new millennium. I received an invitation to work in Norilsk, on the development and construction of the Pelyatkinsky gas condensate field located on the territory of the Taimyr Dolgan-Nenets District. I had an amazing experience there.It was a time of changes everywhere and we could see,how plants and factories were falling apart and closing,but on the Pelyatkinsky gas condensate field was the time of construction.We were going through it with all the victories and difficult moments.During this period, the intricacies of implementing a paper project into tangible mechanisms and processes began to open up to me. As an ordinary instrumentation engineer, soon I moved to the technical supervision department, helping contractors deal with our needs and, together with them, eliminate errors and inaccuracies. I also did not lose sight of improvement my skills and qualifications at specialized courses at the University of Oil and Gas (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow) Time went by and everything worked smoothly and went into phase of the operation and maintenance from constructions, then I was able to go to a new round of professional growth. It was the moment when all the types of my educations and work experiences came in handy, because there was a new project ahead - to organize the calibration of about one and a half thousand pieces instruments of many divisions of MMC Norilsk Nickel in the context of export to non-resident calibration centers, since the local FMC did not have physical and power capabilities to carry out the necessary actions. Acquaintance with the tender work, logistics and other attributes remained in my memory as a fascinating adventure with pleasant extra points such as awareness that I was busy with necessary and useful work. MMC Norilsk Nickel includes mines, factories, and concentration plants, many divisions within each enterprise. The next step, after working with MMC Norilsk Nickel, I received an invitation to work at the Norilsk airport Alykel, in the fuel and lubricants service department, for the construction of a new fuel dispensing unit. The transition unit has already been installed, we tested and worked out emergency situations. I had to push the scope of my knowledge towards electricians and programming. Trial pumping of fuel from tanks to storages, loading refueling machines and all that were not on abstract vehicles, but on a functioning airport, with full responsibility for the quality of the fuel delivered to aircraft. However, everyone who is living and working beyond the Arctic Circle dreams of moving somewhere to the south, that what I exactly did. The new city has opened up new opportunities to realize myself, having such an interesting baggage of knowledge. The company PROFITRADE LLC has unlimited potentials to use its skills and develop in the field of equipment sales, the study of new technologies.

Инна Висельская

The contract is a private and partial law

Vyselskaya Inna provides legal advice on concluding enterprise agreements with suppliers and contractors for compliance with the law and protection of its rights. In 2011 she graduated from Donetsk University of Economics and Law (DonUEP). In 2016, she underwent professional training at the Donetsk Republican Center for Advanced Studies of employees of state authorities, local governments, state enterprises, institutions and organizations in the field of public administration, management and leadership. Tactful, committed person - this is exactly how her colleagues see her every day. Inna’s one of the most strong point is the ability to find optimal solutions of the problem. Today, her main specialization is the contracting (preparation, execution, coordination of conditions with counterparties) and the organization of their implementation (operational measures, accounting, control, assessment of progress and results, disputes on the fulfillment of contractual obligations). Experience: • More than ten years of public service in the judiciary • Head of the internal policy department of the local government • Legal adviser of the State Enterprise of the railway in the field of contract work at the enterprise: development of draft contracts; checking compliance with the legislation of draft contracts submitted by counterparties to the enterprise; providing notarization or state registration of certain types of contracts. • Legal Advisor, Profitrade LLC Choosing our team, you first of all choose professionals. Professional experience and strong personal qualities are the key to success for our customers. We have always paid great attention to the personal growth of each employee and we are convinced that only with the professional growth and development of employees and partners is it possible to develop a business.

Our team

Development is endless, new forms of habitual activity are changing our world.

My name is Kraynikov Ilya Yuryevich, in the company Profitrade LLC I am engaged in auctions, tenders and other types of bidding one-trade spots. The trends in the development of business relations of the last decade are increasingly shifting toward the digital economy, electronic bidding and workflow. In 2003 I graduated from Volgograd University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. For more than ten years I have been engaged in procurement, supplying enterprises and supply organizations with everything necessary - materials, raw materials, machinery and equipment. I worked in the fields of - evaluation and consulting; Pharmaceuticals - trade and distribution in the largest holding manufacturer / importer of drugs; electrical companies - trade and electrical work; construction companies - construction, repair of buildings and structures; in the banking sector - construction, repair and procurement. The accumulated experience in various industries, the construction sector, trade and distribution allows us to quickly evaluate the capabilities of our own company and to fulfill all orders for the assembly and delivery of goods and materials, and sometimes installation, for our customers in both ways : offline and online trading programs. , state, commercial and private electronic tender platforms. Our company always strives to meet new requirements, conditions and standards for the development of trade and distribution, and one of our key areas in relations between seller and buyer is to meet the needs of the Customer using a modern system of electronic auctions on electronic trading floors (electronic trading platforms).

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