Automation in our life.

Automation in our life.

Humanity is constantly moving forward. We are creating new and more universal tools that allow us to increase the effectiveness of the efforts of each individual person. The next step, actively implemented today, is automation.

Automation is one of the areas of scientific and technological progress that uses self-regulating technical means and mathematical methods to free a person from participation in the processes of obtaining, converting, transferring and using energy, materials, products or information, or significantly reducing the degree of this participation or the complexity of the operations performed.

Production processes,design,organization, planning and management,scientific researches,training,business processes and other areas of human activity are automated nowadays.

Automation allows you to increase productivity, improve product quality, optimize management processes, remove a person from industries hazardous to health. Automation, with the exception of the simplest cases, requires an integrated, systematic approach to solving the problem. Automation systems include sensors (sensors), input devices, control devices (controllers), actuators, output devices, computers. The applied calculation methods sometimes copy the nervous and mental functions of a person. This whole set of tools is usually called systems.

Currently, there is an acceleration in the pace of development in all spheres of human activity. Enterprises are increasingly finding themselves in small-scale production. Intense competition is forcing them to reorganize in a short time and at minimal cost to release new products in accordance with market demands.

The production automation program is a reliable tool, leading not only to the adaptation of enterprises to new socio-economic conditions, but also to a significant number of technological advantages that provide a significant increase in the surplus value of products. In addition, the automation of production processes helps to carry out many technological operations that were not previously available to humans. Thus, the introduction of automation contributes to the overall technological progress of society.

Automation is a technological process without which none of the enterprises can exist in the modern world. Automation is used to simplify the processes of control and management , to reduce production costs and to facilitate labor at the enterprise. Automation processes do not stand still, they are improving every year. Further development and improvement of technological processes is associated with the creation of high power facilities fitted with modern equipment. Accordingly, the requirements for their reliability are increasing, which leads to an increase in the requirements for the calculation, manufacture and operation of equipment. Modern facilities must work reliably for a long time under optimally intensive operating conditions. The solution to these problems is possible only if the technology and equipment are improving.