DUKAT-5 disc harrow for the needs of the Agro-Industrial Complex

DUKAT-5 disc harrow for the needs of the Agro-Industrial Complex

Disc cultivator Ducat-5

Short disc harrow-hoe cultivators are used for stubble peeling; main shallow tillage; pre-sowing tillage for grain, industrial and fodder crops, as well as for soil preparation for sowing winter crops based on occupied steam; provides grinding and incorporation of plant residues from previous crops and weeds; used to improve meadows and pastures. Disc cultivator “DUKAT” is indispensable in such conditions.

DUKAT-5 is best suited for stubble cultivation. It provides intensive mixing of soil and plant mass to a depth of 12 cm. The design and arrangement of the working bodies provides high-quality pre-sowing treatment, which, in turn, can significantly expand the scope of application of the short disc harrow in agricultural production, increase its annual load and economic efficiency .

The DUKAT short disc harrow-cultivators with a working width of 5 and 6 meters are folding units designed for the most common tractor power of 150-250 hp. When moving into a transport position, two half-frames rise vertically upward, while the suspension system lowers. The transport width of 3 m clearly meets European requirements, and in rural and public roads it provides high maneuverability and trouble-free traffic.

DUKAT provides accurate keeping of the depth of processing and excellent leveling properties due to the use of various copying systems with uniform load distribution across the working bodies, which makes it possible to work qualitatively in fields with complex terrain.