Functional tasks for an employee of the procurement department

снабжение поставка оборудования на предприятие

The procurement officer oversees financial and managerial issues related to stocks that have been received in the organization, business, or company. The labor market for supply officers includes non-governmental organizations, companies, military bases and enterprises. Professionals with advanced experience and educational qualifications, especially in technical or engineering programs, receive higher salaries. Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and service companies rely on suppliers for their core business equipment and resale of goods. Although the supplier benefits from the profits it makes, selling trusting relationships with major suppliers also value the company. Therefore, acting responsibly in relationships with suppliers is essential to success.

The main responsibilities of the employee of the procurement department (supplier)

Receiving, in accordance with documents, products or any other material values ​​(food, equipment and machinery, raw materials, etc.);

Preparation of documents for the acquisition and receipt, dispatch of certain goods, as well as for vehicles that deliver the product. Tracking the movement of goods;

Procurement outside the production plan;

Direction of goods to the addresses of organizations, ensuring timely delivery of goods, tracking its condition and suitability;

Determining the condition of raw materials, replacing unsuitable and defective goods, if necessary;
Drawing up the regime of transportation of goods (especially if it is a dangerous or perishable product), assessing the conformity of transport for transportation, checking for licenses, etc.

Optimization of the process of providing raw materials needed for productionThe procurement agent must know everything about the activities and production of the employing enterprise, have knowledge in the field of logistics, the consumer market, be able to handle documentation, effectively plan and accompany the movement of products.

Многорукий снабженец атоматика КИПиА

Pros and Cons of the Procurement Profession

The advantages of the profession is

decent wages;

improving communication skills;

communication with a wide range of people;

demand on the labor market.

The disadvantages of the profession are

huge responsibility;

high probability of unforeseen situations;

in this regard, the risk of stress;

the need for knowledge of many areas of production, as well as the functions performed by other specialists.