One extra letter

Профитрейд снабжение предприятий

In the description of the type of device / structure / element, an infinite stream of numbers and letters. Sometimes their meaning can only be realized by trying install the long-awaited pump with mounts on the wrong side supposed to be on the project, as it happened in the hot summer of 2017 with our one of the regular customers. Having received our offer,making sure of the type and design of the pump, sealed with a signature and seals next delivery. But without emphasizing the last two characters,the customer made a mistake in his request, in fact it turned out that the difference significant. Having incurred all additional expenses, phoned with the chief designer of the manufacturer, exchanging photos, were able select the desired type. And they made an exchange, taking into account the needs, without taking additional fee for transportation. We must pay tribute to our partners who went to the meeting.